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Past Projects: Prime-Rate Telephony

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Prime-Rate Telephony System

The client was a winner of the Queen's Award for Industry for its development of prime-rate telephony interface hardware and software. The original interface software was based on DOS and therefore suffered from performance limitations. It was also very sensitive to changes in the hardware configuration.

RTD carried out a phase of detailed analysis with the client's engineers and produced a specification for a similar product based in Unix. Care was taken to preserve the corporate style of operation while aiming for enhanced performance and future extendibility.

Using the specification, RTD designed and implemented the system in accordance with the client's ISO9001-accredited quality control procedures. The system was designed to provide rapid transfer of data and to be totally protected against loss of data. Preliminary prototypes and simulations demonstrated that the system met its specification even under sustained periods of operation at maximum loading.

After the design was approved, the remainder of the project was carried out entirely on RTD's premises in Bath. The final software was delivered and installed remotely on the client's' machines for their internal testing before release. Due to RTD's stringent design and testing procedures there was no further requirement for RTD personnel to make site visits.

Further Developments

About 2 years after the release of the software, the client had a requirement to extend the system in order to handle serial-line communcations. Due to the careful design of the original system, RTD were able to implement and seamlessly integrate this extension in minimum time.

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