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Previous Software Projects

We take special pride in the quality of our work and our attention to customer satisfaction. Here is a sample cross section of our past projects. All projects are tailor made to the client's specifications. Send us a message or phone us to find out more how we can help provide a solution to your needs.

A selection of some of our previous projects is listed below.

Care Alarm Sysytems

RTD has developed software for two very different Care Alarm systems.

One system focused on incoming data processing and was based on a UNIX PC containing an AT&T DSP chip and networked to a number of Unix workstations.

The other system focused more on the operator interface and used a commercial PC telephony card networked to Windows workstations.

Secure Telephone

RTD designed and developed the software for the central control module of a feature telephone system that enabled secure transmission of voice and data with full error correction. The module interfaced to a number of synchronous and asynchronous channels and a Texas Instruments DSP processor.

Telecommunications Standards

RTD developed the test vectors for implementations of the Voice Activity Detector for the Enhanced Full Rate GSM standard. This included development of test software with flexible reporting capability.

Telephone Billing System

RTD designed and developed a databae system for telephone billing analysis. Thanks to RTD's real-time software expertise, the system was an order of magnitude faster that the client's previous system running on the same hardware.


RTD developed a DSP system to increase the near-range accuracy of a hydrographic side-scan sonar system.

Prime-Rate Telephony

A supplier of prime-rate telephony systems wished to move their interface from DOS to UNIX. RTD designed and developed a fast and secure networked system which was compatible with all the older systems and provided capabilities for further development.

Access Control System

RTD did the initial hardware design and then developed the software for a door controller module that accepted swipe cards, contactless cards and PIN entry. The module completely eliminated the very noticeable delay in activating the lock that was present in the system it replaced. RTD then wrote a flexible, extensible operator and manager interface for the system.


A firm of Chartered Surveyors required a networking system which would allow secure transfer of data within their main site and between two remote sites. RTD specified and installed the entire network, provided some management software and carried out staff training.

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